5th « Ecology & Behaviour » Meeting

Monday 6 – Friday 10 April 2009, Lyon (France).

The “Ecology & Behaviour” Meeting is an international meeting with the
main purpose of promoting postgraduate research and interactions between
young researchers in Behavioural Ecology. One specificity of this
meeting, which is organized by the SERL PhD students association, is
that it is free for all participants: you only have to pay for your trip
to Lyon.

This year, the “Ecology & Behaviour” Meeting consists of four days of
conferences divided into six themes:
      * Sexual Selection
      * Foraging
      * Parasitism and predation
      * Habitat selection and dispersal
      * Collective behaviour
      * Applied Behavioural ecology

Each session will be introduced by two invited professors specialized in
this field of research, followed by 8-10 postgraduate student research
presentations and discussions. In addition, poster sessions and three
“theme evenings” designed for a broad public are planned.

The number of participants will be limited to 100 postgraduate students.

Participants are expected to give a 10-minute talk. In order to register
please submit the abstract of your talk (or poster) (300 words maximum)
on the website: http://serl2009. univ-lyon1. fr (see the website for
supplementary information) .
Registration and submission of abstracts are opened until March 2nd.




Dear colleague,

We cordially invite you to participate in the 10th Central European Workshop
on Soil Zoology held in Ceske Budejovice, April 21-24, 2009.
The first announcement with further information you will find as attachments
of this e-mail.
The information are available also at http://www.upb.cas.cz/?co=workshopy <http://www.upb.cas.cz/?co=workshopy>

The Proceedings-book from the CEWSZ-9 is just now in final redaction process
and will be distributed before the forthcoming workshop.

Yours sincerely,

Organising Committee CEWSZ-10
Karel Tajovsky




International Conference on History of Cartography and Historical Geography


Date and conference venue:

April 24th – 25th, 2009 (Friday and Saturday), Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Geography (5–7, str. Clinicilor)

Post-conference tour to Teleki Library, Târgu Mureş








The project “Nature conservation and regional development in South-East Europe” aims to prepare and implement ten projects in the field of nature conservation and regional development in Romania and Bulgaria.


The fourth NatuRegio-training-year will begin in March 2009. The application period has just started and will end 15th January 2009.

Since this is for now the last round in the three-year-project, a different schedule applies than in the previous years.


Deadline for applications is the 15th of January 2009 and the training will start in March 2009 already.

Please find more information in the attachments and the application- forms at the NatuRegio website






Biodiversity Hotspots – Evolution and Conservation

One of the key objectives of nature conservation is the protection of biodiversity hotspots – centres of high numbers of ecosystems, species and/or genes. The current diversity patterns are strongly influenced by historic effects like climatic fluctuations. Areas with exceptional biodiversity have mostly been less affected by these fluctuations due to relative climatic constancy or geomorphological diversity. Such hotspots of biodiversity often evolved through long-term isolation in ecologically diverse regions producing distinct genetic groups or even new taxa, which often represent local endemics.

This meeting focuses on the developement and status of areas with particularly high diversity with most of them not being adequately protected. This situation is aggravating due to increasing human land use and climate change.

We provide a platform for scientists and stakeholders to discuss the development of biodiversity hotspots and strategies to protect these areas.

Reduced fees will apply to students and to scientist from new member states of the European Union. The conference fee will be according to the time of payment; the deadline for early booking is the 1st December 2008.

Időpont: március 26 – 28, 2009

Bővebb információ…






The 6th Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences – 17th to 21st of August 2009
http://www.sefs6. ro/






December 6-án, egész napos országos madármonitoring találkozó lesz Kolozsváron, ahol néhány specifikusan monitoring jellegű előadás mellett több más, madaras témájú előadás hangzik el, román nyelven. Az előadások listája az alábbiakban látható, további részletek pdf-ben itt vagy a monitoring-program weboldalán.


Szabó D. Zoltán: Rezultatele programului „Monitorizarea Păsărilor Comune” pe anul 2008

Domşa Cristi: Posibilităţi de aplicare a tehnicilor GIS în monitoring

Kósa Ferenc: Propunere pentru un sistem de monitorizare continuă a populaţiei de berze albe din Romania

Pap Péter L.: Studiu comparativ despre variaţia diversităţii păduchilor de pene paraziţi ai ordinul Anseriformes

Szodoray-Parádi Farkas, Szodoray-Parádi Abigél: Programul de monitorizare a liliecilor din România

Kovács István: Specii de păsări care pot fi confundate sau neobservate în monitoring

Kovács István: Programul de monitorizare al efectivelor de iernare a păsărilor răpitoare: rezultatele primelor doi ani

Kelemen A. Márton: Monitorizarea păsărilor răpitoare migratoare peste strâmtoarea Bosfor – proiect pilot 2008

Pârvulescu Lucian: Timişoara şi păsările ei – proiecte comune cu primăria oraşului

Pârvulescu Lucian: Baza de date on-line myNature – prezentare

Nagy H. Beáta: Recomandări pentru evitarea unor greşeli des întâlnite în completarea formularelor de monitoring

Ciprian Fântână: Arii de importanţă avifaunistică din România şi probleme recente cu Uniunea Europeană



Az Erdélyi-Múzeum Egyesület ebben az évben is megrendezi a Kolozsváron a Tudomány Napja konferenciát. A konferencia keretében a Természettudományi Szakosztály előadóülésére az Apáczai Csere János Elméleti Líceumban kerül sor a hétvégén november 22-én délelőtt 9,20-as kezdettel. Minden érdeklődőt szívesen látnak.

A részletes program letölthető innen.



Third Student Workshop of the European Student Chapter of the Wildlife Disease Association


The Third EWDA Student Workshop will be held at the conference centre of the Merieux Foundation, Les Pensieres, in Veyrier-du-Lac, France, from March 19th to March 22nd, 2009! The central theme of the workshop is Infectious Diseases at the Wildlife / Domestic Animal / Human Interface.

The EWDA Student Workshop aims at giving advanced undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to meet and share the experience of internationally renowned scientists working at the crossroads of human and animal health. During three days, students and professionals will share their knowledge through keynote lectures and outstanding oral communications, panel discussions, special sessions and student presentations. Special guests will be invited to enlarge the scope of the discussions, and will include representatives of leading Institutions supporting health initiatives, experts from pharmaceutical companies, European and governmental representatives, journalists, and more!

The objective of the workshop is to enhance the scientific skills of participating students, from study design to publication to media release, and offer a comprehensive view of the outlets and duties of the next generation of health scientists, under the One World – One Health framework.

The Third EWDA Student Workshop is open to graduate students (MSc and PhD) working on disease ecology in its broadest sense (from pathogenesis to epidemiology to control and management), and undergraduate students in their final years considering pursuing disease ecology research. Medical, veterinarian, biological, ecological, mathematical and other backgrounds are all welcome! Selection of 40 participating students will be based on a CV, motivation letter, reference letter from a Professor, a poster abstract if MSc or PhD student and grade transcripts of latest semester if undergraduate. Willing undergraduates are welcome to send a poster abstract. Experience in disease ecology research is highly recommended. The application deadline is January 15th, 2009!

To apply and for more information:


For any queries, contact us at ewdastudent@gmail.com



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